Thursday, May 21, 2009

When life gives you an ear infection, make sure you get a gift card.

Out of the blue last Thursday I got an incredible pain in my left ear. It started around 6pm and by 10pm I couldn't stand it anymore so I downed a couple of Aleve so I could fall asleep. I woke up Friday morning and the pain had subsided but I couldn't hear. My ear was closed up and ringing.

I don't get sick. I go to an OB/GYM annually, but I can't remember the last time I had to go to my family doctor. When I called his office, the receptionist politely told me that since I haven't been into the office in over 6 years, I was considered a new patient. I had to make an appointment for a new patient exam and they could see me in August. Oh and the ear infection, I would need to go to the ER. Okay, glad to see the medical profession isn't affected by the economy.

The ER was out of the question, so I went to an Urgent Care facility that was near my house. I saw a doctor within an hour and apparently I had an ear infection that he normally sees in five year olds. Yikes. He gave me two prescriptions for some drugs that I wasn't too keen on taking. I had my chiropractor adjust me several times and the pain went away, but my ear was still closed, so on Monday I decided to get the drugs.

Ironically, I received a coupon, attached to my receipt, a couple of weeks ago at CVS for a $25 gift card with a new prescription. I usually don't keep these coupons because I have never had a need for them, but thankfully I still had it and I was able to score a $25 gift card for my 2 prescriptions. Sometimes, deals are just too easy.

Although it wasn't a total coup, the two drugs cost me $46 after my insurance, but I was desperate because I.CAN'T.HEAR. Apparently one of the drugs doesn't have a generic version yet.(What are they waiting for!!) Anyway, we have a health savings account that we use to pay for our medical out of pocket expenses.

On the bright side, I'm an optimist and I now have a $25 gift card from one of my favorite stores, CVS. I am going to have fun seeing how far I can stretch it.

Have you taken advantage of the prescription gift cards lately?

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