Thursday, September 24, 2009

Whoa Nellie! Put the brakes on that spending.

Have you ever had a month where you looked at your bank account and you wondered, wait just a minute, there should be more in there? Where did it all go? Well, we are having that month.

I was entering some transactions into Quicken and some $$ went here for that and some $$ went there for this and suddenly we have spent several hundred dollars more than I was projecting. Whether is was eating out too often or buying fall clothes that my oldest daughter needed or my surprise birthday party that I didn't know about, the spending this past month has really added up.

Fortunately, we have a slight cushion in our checking for unexpected spending, but I don't want to take that money for granted. We need to tighten up our belts and rein in the spending.

Did your spending catch up with you recently? Have you had to put the brakes on your spending?

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photo: familybalancesheet: courtesy of my daughter's scary pony collection

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