Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Four Money Saving Swap Ideas for the Winter and Holidays

The holiday season is not that far away, most of our heaters have been turned on and the cold weather is here...brrrrr. Swap meets are a great way to socialize with your friends and save some time, money and resources this time of year. Here are four swaps to try with your friends, neighbors and family:

  1. Soup swap - Depending on how many people involved, simply make enough soup to go around. Last winter, I participated in a soup swap with four other moms and we each made 4 1-quart containers to swap. I came home with four different soups. I promptly put them in the freezer and I had some new dinner ideas. I just added a side salad and some homemade bread and dinner was served. We chose to make quart containers because we all have families with small kids, but you could increase the size. Make sure to set guidelines in case there are food allergies or issues.

  2. Cookie swap - I just received my invitation for this year's cookie swap with a mom's group that I belong to. We are each making a dozen cookies and there are about 6-8 mommies involved. If a dozen is too much, make it a half-dozen. I'm going to stick all of the cookies in my freezer and take an assortment of the cookies to a family holiday party. Again make sure to set guidelines in case there are food allergies or issues.

  3. Babysitting swap - Wouldn't it be nice to get some holiday shopping done alone, without the kiddos? Or how about just going to the grocery store or maybe a trip to your gym or a date night with your spouse? I would love it. Do you have a good friend that you trust with your kids? She might be looking for a sitter too? Set up an arrangement and take turns watching the kids. This gives you some free time without paying a sitter and the kids get some social time with friends.

  4. Clothing/Toy swap - Speaking of holiday shopping, presents and winter clothing don't have to be brand-spanking new. How about gently used or maybe even never used? Gather your friends and have everyone bring children's and/or adult clothes, toys, books and other items that are laying around our houses and taking up too much room in our closets. Have everyone "merchandise" their items and then everyone picks a number from a hat. Starting with number 1, everyone gets a turn to pick one item. Keep going through the numbers until everyone is done picking what they want.
Do you have any swaps planned in the near future? Please comment and tell us about it.

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  1. I have done the cookie swap and babysitting swap many of times but have never thought of the others ! What neat ideas, thank you for sharing.

    Blessings in Him<><

  2. Growing up, we always did a cookie swap with our neighborhood as a holiday party! Bring a dozen to share at the party and then bring 8 ziploc bags filled with your cookie - then everyone took home a basket filled with all sorts of cookies! I like the other ideas too!

  3. A soup swap! What a fantastic idea!!



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