Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 - The Year Of Living Thriftily

As I was thinking about the new year approaching and trying to formulate some resolutions, I kept coming back to one word...simple. I have been feeling over-whelmed lately, not from stress, but from stuff. I feel like I am being swallowed up by all of the things that we have accumulated over the years. I wrote earlier about my house envy, but I wonder if I could just de-clutter, donate or dispose of the stuff, would I open up the space and not feel so cramped?

I have come up with four resolutions for 2010. My goal is to find peace with myself, my family, my space and my conscious.

  1. Following the lead of the Compact, I am going to avoid buying new for myself and if possible my kids. When I find that I need something, I will first search my house for an appropriate alternative. If I cannot find what I need then I will try to borrow, barter or look in a second hand store or yard sale.

  2. Buy more local. From May through November we get most of our vegetables and some of our fruit from a local CSA. I also have a small garden. I want to buy even more local products from the farmers' market, such as local dairy and meat.

  3. Make It Myself. My favorite gift that was given to me this year was a hand-knit sweater that my mom made me. I will treasure it always, as it is very cozy and warm. I am not a great knitter and not very crafty, but I want to become more creative with our choices for gifts and thank-yous.

  4. If I do need to buy new, I want to buy from the smaller, local businesses before heading to a big box store, especially for things like gifts, books, etc. I won't give up the big box stores completely, sometimes they are very convenient, but my first choice will be LOCAL.

For many reasons, I have decided upon these goals.

  • I simply cannot fit another thing into this house. I'm going to MAKE DO. I am sure if I think hard enough, what I am looking for isn't at Target, but right under my nose or in the back of a closet.

  • By making do, I am hoping to live more consciously and sustainably and be less wasteful.

  • There has to be some creative juice flowing somewhere in my tall frame. Running to Target has become too easy for me. I want to become more creative, by making my own gifts or thinking of different ways to use an item.

  • I want to support the local economy and small business. My husband and I are small business owners and I want to help out our fellow citizens in our community.

  • In the end, I want to save some money. I might be spending more on our food, like meat and dairy if I buy local instead of at the grocery store, but I'll be saving money by making do and buying second hand.

Would you like to join me in 2010 and make it your Year to Live Thriftily?

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  1. Great goals. We are trying to make this a year of simplifying as well. I want to be content in all things and also stop my buying mentality. We almost always shop thrift stores and yard sales before heading to the store. Usually I can find what I need.

  2. Great Post! Great reminders! Thank you so much for the words I needed to hear. May you have a blessed 2010!

  3. That is deffinately one of my main goal for this year, is to spend less...WAY LESS than last year. I want to be part of the solution, and not part of the problem. I have many, many things I am changing or starting to do this year, and I hope to get a post wrote on it soon.

    From personal experience, I can tell you that getting rid of things really does open up the house. It makes the house look and feel bigger. It also gives you a feeling of space and peace and tranquility. I am not exaggerating at all either. I spent all last year, off and on as I could, going through the house and just pitching stuff. I donated some, gave away some and just threw some away. I would put it in bags and boxes and put it in the back of my van before I could change my mind. The next time I drove near the thrift store, or my friends mission, I dropped the stuff off there. If you can part with some stuff, you will feel less cramped. Less certainly is more, when living in a smaller house!

  4. These are great! I would love to have you link up at my Thrifty Thursday post!

  5. Thanks for the comments. If we stick together, we can help each other make 2010 a successful and thrifty year.

    Coupon Teacher - Thanks for the link opportunity!!

  6. I have a feeling alot of us are going to work at being more thrifty in many ways.
    I am a garage sale , thrift store junkie. I mainly buy books and other items and resell on ebay etc to make extra income. Good luck with your goals

  7. Gotta love that! Great goals my friend, I hope you rock it out like none other :)

  8. I think this post is great, and you can totally do it. I made four of the Christmas presents we gave this year, three 'princess cushions' out of fabric I had around the house, and I painted a picture of our son, for my husband. I spent only 10% of what I normally would have spent and they looked a million dollars. I have photos on my blog, if I am not being to rude in asking that you take a look?

  9. Is it possible to expand your garden in some way? Could you take out trees that don't produce food and replace them with fruit trees? Can you grow more things vertically to expand your growing space (like sugar snap peas, pole beans, and grapes)? Can you plant things like swiss chard and lettuce in your flower beds? (I haven't seen your garden, so I'm just guessing at what you have).

    A lot of people put in just one garden spot in their yard, but overlook the opportunity to grow food throughout their yard. Another thing I see that more people can do is add fruit trees and bushes. Many people plant a spring/summer garden, and overlook planting a fall garden. All of these things can help you make better use of your space.


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