Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Your Garden Harvest: What's Left In Your Freezer?

We made smoothies this week with the last of the strawberries that I picked back in June. I was so bummed, because I am going to miss opening up that bag of frozen berries and smelling fresh, local goodness and strawberry season is a five months away.

In a panic, I ran downstairs to see how much frozen homemade applesauce is still in the freezer and luckily I have 7-32oz containers left. Although I was calculating how I will ration the sauce between now and when we have fresh, local fruit again. My kids eat homemade applesauce like it is candy. It tastes as good as candy, but better.

I really don't have too much left from our summer harvest. We have a very small garden and we get a lot of our veggies from a CSA, so we eat most of our summer harvest at harvest time. I do try to preserve, mostly by freezing, whatever I can. I have 4 containers of pureed roasted butternut squash and one container of roasted vegetable sauce, but that's it...yikes.

It is only January and garden harvest season on the east coast or at least my house on the east coast is several months away.

Whether you can or freeze, do you have much left from your garden harvest?

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  1. Loads and loads and loads of whole tomatoes still crowd our freezer space! I thought I would make more chili than I have, but I already know I won't be planting any large tomatoes this summer (just small ones). I have a few chopped peppers left, some celery, a couple of onions and some leeks. Pretty good considering it's the end of January. :-)

  2. we have lots, but we mostly can everything. it takes up less space and energy that way. I love CSAs and, given you're running low, thought I'd suggest purchasing a double share next year. you can eat one share fresh and preserve the other for little additional expense and time. just a thoght.

  3. We still have tomatoes and a few containers of soup. I found cornish game hens today! Guess what is for dinner Friday night?

  4. I have one tiny bag of chopped green peppers left. Unfortunately, last year was not a wonderful year for my garden. I guess I better start planning now, and dream about the bounty we will harvest THIS summer! Our favorite are the raspberries from our garden...they often get eaten before they even come into the house though!! LOL! :)


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