Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The $500 Challenge

Do you need to pay off debt or fund your emergency savings account, or save for your summer vacation?

How do you feel about big, crazy goals? Do they scare you or motivate you?

Will you join me in April with a rather big, crazy goal of finding $500…in one month?

Where, do you ask, are we going to find $500?

Oh the possibilities could be endless...

In our drawers, under our beds, in our basements and in the back corners of our closets. The neighborhood is planning the community yard sale for April and I plan to be prepared.

Or you might also be able to reduce some monthly expenses in April in categories like groceries, fuel, clothing or dinners out.

Start brainstorming and please join me on Thursday, April 1 to share some ideas so that we can all achieve The $500 Challenge.

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  1. The timing of this is perfect! My husband and I finally decided on some life goals last night and most of the goals involve money (paying off a house or saving up), so starting today we're tightening the belt even more. I'm so excited to read your posts on this! Blessings!

  2. Last year I had to find $600 a month for 5 months, because my dh had his pay cut by this amount. Since going back to full pay we are triing to put that money into paying down debt and not adding anything to our debt.
    Good luck finding the money, so much less stressful when it is a choice.

  3. Anonymous - you are so right about the stress level when it is a choice.

    thanks for the comments.


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