Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Six Signs of Spring

In the northeast, we endured a long, rough winter, unlike one we have seen in many years.

So when the temperature hit 55+ degrees over the past few days, we got a little excited. The sunny skies, the light breeze, and the fresh air bring such relief that maybe old man winter has hit the road.

Six Signs of Spring:

Daffodils pushing through the ground...

Open Windows...

Outdoor Runs...

Grilling Outdoors has commenced...

Hubby set up my rain barrel after a long winter stored in the shed...

Drying clothes outdoors...

What signs of spring have you seen? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I don't wish to appear stupid, but what do you do with the rain you collect?

  2. @Laura - that is not a stupid question. I will use the collected rain water to water my plants, flowers and veggie garden.

  3. Signs of Spring for the Harbert Household:

    1. The promise of lower energy bills! ☺ We don't turn on our air conditioner unless it's over 95 degrees outside and it doesn't usually get that hot here in Ohio. We also use our clothes line in place of our dryer like your family.

    2. Garden Planning. I get very excited about planning our Summer garden!

    As far as a rain barrel, where did you purchase yours and what would you consider a good, reasonable price? I have seen them in upwards of over $200+ dollars here in the Mid West and I refuse to pay that much! I would rather use a garbage can with a lid.

  4. @Annie - I only paid $25 for our rain barrel. A few years ago, the local high school shop class made them and sold them through our county's conservation dept. I jumped at the deal b/c I know that in a store they are around $25. You might want to google and look for a DIY article, I am sure you could find something for a fraction of the store cost.

  5. Enjoyed your post.

    Little league baseball practice has begun for my 8 year old son. A sure sign of spring here in northern California.

  6. Great shot of your running shoes!! I need to dust mine off too! And those daffodils - how exciting!!

    I can't wait to plant my window boxes for spring!

  7. Our tulips are coming up! Amazing how something so little brings such a lift after the months of winter!

  8. You open your windows when it's warmed up to 55º?

    Yeah, that's a bit cold for me still! (of course, the wind blowing at 30mph at the same time doesn't help much!).

    Also, it doesn't snow here, and half the year if over 90º, and usually around 116º!

    Springtime means tomatoes go in the ground (after Valentine's Day), it's not too hot to be outside yet, we get lots of wind, and the flowers are growing! The roses are leafing out and we're harvesting lettuce and radishes from the garden.

  9. I'm so very anxious for spring to arrive! We had a great week this week (as far as weather)--Wednesday we were 74°!

    I'm incredibly jealous over your clothes drying rack thingy. my clothes line broke last year, and with our pending addition, we are unable to put a permanent one up until it's all finished. I've been sick the last few days thinking of how much energy I could be saving with hanging my clothes out. Especially since my dryer is on the fritz and it's been taking 2 hours to dry one load! Where did you get that rack at?

  10. Ah, I love spring! And those are sure signs. :) We've been thinking about a rain barrel. Perhaps this is the year to do it?

  11. @ThePrudentHomemaker - 55 degrees is considered very warm after the winter we had. I think we got about 40 inches of snow in a 2 week period of time...

    @Phoebe - my parents gave me the big drying rack for Christmas one year...yes I asked for a clothes drying rack...I am a bit off, but anyway they got it at a flea market from an Amish vendor.


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