Wednesday, April 14, 2010

$500 Challenge Update and Mr. Linky

We are half way through the month and I am busy getting ready for next week's neighborhood yard sale. I have been pulling stuff together for a few months now, but sadly I don't feel like my home is any less heavy.

I have no shortage of stuff to sell and it is sitting in piles in our garage...

...our sunroom...

and our basement. (I'm not selling the fan.)

I'm praying for good weather, because I am putting most of my eggs in this basket when it comes to finding $500.

How are you doing with the challenge? If you are a blogger participating in the challenge and making updates on your site about your progress, please link up your most recent update with Mr. Linky. If you are not a blogger and are participating in the challenge, please let us know how you are doing in the comment section.

Make sure you take some time to check back over the next few days and visit the other links to see how the other bloggers are doing with their challenge. This is a great opportunity to find/meet other bloggers and get some ideas on how to find $500!

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    1. I'll def. work on a post for this challenge! I need to read up on it a little more, though. Thanks for hosting it!

    2. Good luck! Can't wait to hear how the yard sale goes!

    3. Good luck with your garage sale!

      I've deposited $340 so far, and pulled in more mystery shopping payments today, bringing my total close to $500. I've also been doing a ton of online surveys, although those won't be paid right away.

    4. Hi fbs, posted my update :-)

      Your house looks like mine at the moment, although we don't have a garage, so all my stuff is in the hall! lol

      Good luck with your yard sale.


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