Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Six Affordable Ways To Entertain Your Kids This Summer

Got kids?

Got kids home for the summer whining that there is nothing to do?

I know my kids have plenty to do around our house, but the same toys, books and swing set can get boring after a few weeks spent at home.

I need to have a game plan for summer activities and they need to be fun and affordable.

Six affordable ways to keep the little monkeys entertained.

  1. Check out your local library and book stores for their summer reading programs. At our library, the kids can earn small prizes, such as free coupons for pizza and ice cream for reading books through out the summer. They also have a summer schedule for special story times and other activities. Also, a local bank is offering the children $10 for reading just 10 books over the summer. It is just happens to be the bank where our kids have savings accounts.

  2. Check out local fairs and festivals for low cost games, food and activities. We love to hit the local harvest festivals in the summer time for strawberries, peaches, and apples. Local towns, libraries, malls and fire halls also host carnivals and festivals as fundraisers. Keep your eyes and ears open for local activities.

  3. A Park A Week – One day every week, my kids and I try a different park. It keeps them from being bored by going to the same park every week. I don’t mind driving a few extra miles to try a new park. We pack a lunch, snacks and plenty to drink…and sunscreen too. We go early in the morning to avoid the hot afternoon sun.

  4. Hit the amusement parks in the late afternoon and save considerably on the admission fee. We live near a huge amusement park that is a bit pricey. We also have 2 young children that need to nap and would not be able to handle a whole day at a park anyway. Therefore, we go after 5pm when the price reduces considerably and it is much cooler than at mid-day.

  5. Host a theme party. Invite your friends over for an ice cream social or a banana split party. On nice evenings, my hubby starts a bonfire and we invite the neighbors over for s'mores for the kids and Coronas with lime for the adults.

  6. Check out your local movie theaters for their summer time specials. A theater in my area offers a FREE showing of Rated G movies on Tuesdays and a FREE showing of Rated PG movies on Wednesdays starting in June.

What inexpensive activities do you have lined up over the summer with your family? Please share in the comments.

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  1. I really like the 'park a week' concept. We have a few communities with great parks around us and it's always fun to go exploring. Our child just turned one so he's pretty cool just about anywhere, even just a walk through the neighborhood, but I'm sure as he gets older, he'll want to do some more exploring and this will be a good way to keep things fresh and exciting.

  2. I have to agree with "Money Beagle", I really like your "park a week" idea too!

    I think it's cool in that they get some exercise in addition to having fun :)

  3. MB & MR - We passed a new park today while driving somewhere and my oldest yelled, 'mommy can we go there next?". Have a fun summer and thanks for the comments.

  4. I have to say I am glad you included the reading. Elementary school age kids need 60 minutes per day to maintain their level over the summer!

  5. Thanks for sharing. A park a week is a great idea. It's nice for the kids to get out a play. Plus many parks have low cost activities ($2.00) that kids can participate in. Fishing is another low cost fun activity.

  6. Nikki - my husband just bought our kids some mini fishing poles and they sat for hours with their daddy 'fishing'. great tip.

    Thanks for all of the comments.

  7. love this! as a mama of 3 we're always looking for fun things to do in the sweltering heat! the picnic in the park idea is amazingly enough *always* a hit! i love your park-a-week spin on it.

    my kids also love anything with water: sprinkler, kiddy pool, watering plants, dipping chalk in and "painting" the driveway, plastic tubs and measuring tools, etc etc. love stayin' close to home sometimes so that bonfire s'mores and *mmm* that corona in hand sounds balanced, indeed! :)

    thanks for the great ideas and i found you through debbie's "where's my rolling pin" and am so glad that i did! :)


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