Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is Clutter Interfering with Your Road to Financial Freedom?

Do you have a place that is designated as your home office? A place where you pay your bills, manage your accounts, and research purchasing and investing decisions.

What does it look like? I’m not talking about the decor, I am talking about the organization of it.

I have a corner in our basement for my home office. I snapped this photo one day when I almost snapped after a pile of papers fell to the floor.

In my own defense, I was working on a project for our business, but lately my desk stays like this even after my project is finished. There were piles that needed to be sorted and papers spilling out of my inbox.

It’s not that I don’t have a system. I organized my filing cabinet months ago and it has stayed that way. I throw junk mail away immediately, but for some reason papers have piled up on my desk. Maybe I am saving too much or maybe I’m just not filing in a timely manner, probably a little of both.

I have cleaned off my desk before, but the clutter monster came back.

Does clutter interfere with our Road to Financial Freedom? Could this clutter be holding me back from really accomplishing the tasks on my to-do list?

Clutter interferes with my priorities. I am almost paralyzed by it at times. When I should be knocking things off my to-do list, I sit staring at the piles or simply moving them from one corner to another in an effort to clean off my desk.

With a clean desk, an empty inbox and an organized filing cabinet, I plan on attacking that to-do list.

Is a clean desk a guarantee that you will find financial freedom? No, but maybe it is a good start.

What does your home office/work space look like? Has it been taken over by clutter? Take some time and wipe it clean and see how much better you feel and how much more motivated you become.

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  1. I can totally relate! My "office" is in our kitchen, unfortunately. We have our computer cabinet in there (for safety reasons...don't want my kids unsupervised on the internet). I miss having my own desk, however, and would love my own work space (instead of the kitchen island)!! I think I need to be a little creative and work out some other set up! :) Thanks for your post.

  2. I'm trying to get my Dad to write me a guest post on this very subject. He takes clutter to the very maximum but still thrives! I, on the other hand, once told a boss if he sees my desk full of clutter it means I'm overworked and not on top of things.

  3. I am not too sure if other like this idea, I spend an hour on every Friday clearing the clutter and trusts me it pays to be organized.

  4. I would LOVE for my desk to be clean. I really need to set aside time to do that. It really makes a huge difference especially if you run a small business or deal with a lot of paperwork at home!

  5. I don't have a desk. My financial stuff is in a 1 inch binder that is falling apart.

    When it is time to do bills I get my laptop and plop on the couch.

    Sometime I do wish I had a workspace.

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