Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What Kind of Turkey Deal Will You Score This Month?

My local grocery store has a FREE turkey deal every year before Thanksgiving that I always take advantage of. You have about 4 weeks to spend $300 to earn the FREE turkey. If you aren't interested in the free turkey, they give you the option of a free Stouffer's Party Size Lasagna.

I typically do most of my grocery shopping at this store, so it isn't hard for me to accrue enough points to earn the free turkey. This store is conveniently located near my home and since I try to only shop once a week, this is the store that I usually choose.

I received my free turkey certificate this week to be redeemed later this month. Woo hoo!

Does your local grocery store offer free turkeys this month? Do you take advantage of the deal?

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  1. Stores around here usually drop the price to anywhere between 39 and 69 cents a pound for turkey sometime during November. I've seen a similar deal to get a free turkey with $300 (or whatever amount) in purchases, but not in the past few years.

    Since I don't spend more than $200 a month on groceries and never all at one store, it's cheaper just to buy a sale turkey than it is to try to get a free one.

  2. We don't typically have any free turkey sales around here, but last year, I did stock up on the 39(?) cent birds- They would only let you buy 2 at a time so I had to make several trips! My hubby thought I was nuts having all these birds in the deep freeze (I think I bought 6), but it was nice being able to pull 1 out every month and have a turkey dinner and then enjoy leftovers a week or two later!


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