Friday, January 14, 2011

Odd$ and End$ - One Pesky Virus Can Ruin A Snow Day

We had a snow day on Wednesday. And while it was fairly mild compared to last year's Snowpocalypse... daughter's school was still canceled.

    All I could think about was a day at home where I could get some things accomplished. Cookies needed to be baked, house work needed to be done, bills that needed to be paid, blog posts needed to be written and snow balls needed to be formed. Yes, I was looking forward to the day off.

    But this all came to a screeching halt when my youngest started to get sick around 10am and continued to be sick into the evening. My day was spent sitting on the couch with her in my arms and washing loads of puked-on laundry. She needed and wanted her mama and I realized that I needed to get over my anxiety that nothing was going to get done and just be in the moment comforting my daughter.

    As for my oldest daughter, she had the best day EVER, because she got to watch way too much TV as mommy was attending to her little sister.

    I did get a little web reading done and my babe is feeling much better.

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    1 comment:

    1. We've been lucky so far- no puke in our house. It's unbelievable how many families around us are sick. I've probably jinked myself!
      I hope your little one feels better!


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