Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolve To Lower Your Grocery Bill

Did you resolve to find ways to reduce your spending for 2011? Your grocery budget might be a good place to start. There are tons of ways to reduce your spending in your kitchen. Here at Family Balance Sheet, we are always trying to find ways to trim the grocery bill without sacrificing quality and nutrition.

Here are 5 popular posts on this site to help you reduce your grocery bill in 2011:

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  1. I have really enjoyed your posts throughout the year.
    I have found, in my own personal pursuit of cutting our grocery bill back, that it helps me (and my sanity) to stick with one store. I have (speaking from personal experience) tried to go from store to store to get the best deals from each of the store ads. I have tried the couponing craze to the 10th power. I have tried many different things and now I have rested on the fact that if I stick to one store, learn when things are marked down, and get to know the people who work there, I can actually make it work for my family.
    I still scan the ads of other stores for rock bottom prices on things we use regularly and coupons are a must. I just don't go to the extreme anymore. It's not practical for me. I commend those who do it and reap the benefits.
    Thank you again for your posts and I look forward to gleaning more from you in 2011~ ☺

  2. Thanks for all of the articles! Looking forward to reading them all! Following you through Facebook and Twitter!

  3. Annie - Thanks for your comments. It sounds like we are very similar shoppers.

    Katie - thanks for the comments and the follows.

  4. I love your blog, but haven't commented as much as I should. Thank you for all of the wonderful tips you post. I have used so many of them!


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