Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Front Yard Landscaping: Take 3

We have done a lot of renovations around our home in the last ten years. The DIY project that we are most proud of is the landscaping in our front yard. I wrote about the process 2 years ago and it is still my most popular post. Read more about our Front Yard Landscaping: We Did It Ourselves.

Before May 2009:

After May 2009:

Moving on to 2010, we needed to replace 3 of our new shrubs that didn't make it through that winter. Read more about Front Yard Landscaping: Take 2.

And now fast forward to 2011 and 2 more of our shrubs didn't make it through the winter, so we replaced them this past weekend. I'll be crossing my fingers next winter.

This picture lacks color. The tulip blooms have faded. The 3 shrubs that we planted last year under the bay window have buds and should bloom in the next few weeks. The shrubs and tree that have survived are all thriving and my husband just trimmed everything back.

Do you have a landscaping project on your to-do list? Check out 15 Tips to Help You Design Your Landscape and Save Money...and hope for less destructive winters.

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