Thursday, June 23, 2011

It Amazes Me What People Throw Away

Our trash pick-up day is Wednesday. So most of our neighbors put their trash outside on Tuesday afternoons or evenings.

We noticed the neighbor up the street had put a pink and purple tricycle out on the curb with their trash. My 3 year old already has a tricycle, but the girls and I were intrigued to see if this one was functional or broken. And as my 5 year old pointed out, "mommy, I don't have a basket on my bike." If the trike was broken, at least we could save the basket.

So we walked up the street to check out my neighbor's trash. We immediately realized that there was nothing wrong with the bike. I have a feeling my neighbor's granddaughter outgrew it, but why would you put a working trike out in the garbage? Why wouldn't you donate it to Goodwill?

I rang my neighbor's doorbell to ask their permission and they weren't home, so I took it anyway thinking that I will let them know the next time I see that they are home. As we walked away with the trike, my three year old said, "mommy, it's not awrs." I'm so proud of that girl and I explained that I will go back to tell them when they were home. My five year old will hold me to it, not to worry.

As I said, my three year old has a tricycle, but I don't think she is giving this up any time soon. We'll eventually pass it on to another neighbor who is having a baby girl in July.

This is not the first time, my neighbors have hauled perfectly good items to the curb. Last summer, a different neighbor was cleaning out their garage and put a Sears Cargo Carrier for the top of your car to the curb. We have one, but my husband went to another neighbor to tell them about it. He went to check it out and it was in perfect condition. They left for a vacation last weekend with it on top of their van.

I'm not sure what goes through people's minds when they throw things away that still have life in them. Doesn't it amaze you what people throw away?

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  1. Seems to me that the neighbors put the bike out by the trash just so that anyone coming along who might want it, could take it.

    Not every donation MUST go to Goodwill. I often leave functional items out for my neighbors - or anyone who wants them - to get as they pass by. If I wanted to throw them away, I'd break them up and put them in my trash can.

  2. Not items, but we are amazed by how many people in our neighborhood put out cans and bottles at the curb rather than recycling them for cash. AT 5 cents a can or bottle (plastic water bottles as well) people are literally throwing away money that they paid at the cash register when they bought those beverages.

    We sometimes carry bags with us when we walk and are able to glean $1-$2 in recyclable bottles. We put the money into our vacation fund.

  3. Not so much to do with this post but it KILLS me to throw away food! I hate when we didn't "get to" leftovers and have to throw them away.

  4. Evan - I agree, food waste DRIVES me crazy too.


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