Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Freezing Hot Peppers

My hot peppers are growing faster than I can use them, so I popped them in the freezer.

I washed them, cut the tops off and because they are long peppers, I cut them in half and put them in a freezer bag. Make sure to squeeze the air out of the bag.

In the fall, I'll pull what I need from the freezer and chop them up to add them to soups and chilies. I cut the peppers in half, because my family doesn't like foods that are too spicy, so I'll use a little at one time.

You could also chop up the hot peppers and freeze in ice cube trays. I don't have gloves and I've chopped a lot of hot peppers all at once before and my fingers burned for hours. Not fun.

So I froze whole and I'll chop as I need them. I will chop up the sweet peppers for the freezer when they are ready for harvesting. I'll post on that later in the summer.

How do you freeze hot peppers?

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  1. We don't eat a lot of hot peppers, but the idea of freezing them is great, especially in halves. Should some come my way this year, I know what to do with them, thanks.

  2. Last year we had TONS of jalpenos and we grilled them, then froze them. They defrosted beautifully and I was able to use them when making salsa.

    I've been enjoying reading your blog. :)

  3. thanks for this timely post....I was just in my garden and noticed my jalpenos are ready WAY before my tomatoes are for salsa making!

  4. GREAT idea to freeze them! I have a bowl of peppers on the counter that might not make it to salsa season and I was just wondering where to put them.

    Will be freezing them tomorrow. Thanks!

  5. Great idea! Now if only my pepper plants would help me out.

  6. Thanks everyone for all of the comments. Now if only the tomato season would get under way so that we could eat all of these hot peppers with our salsa.

  7. I don't cut them, I've found they last MUCH longer in the freezer without being cut. I also don't wash them, as the ice crystals that form will dry them out quicker.

    Here's how I do it:
    Pick Peppers
    Put into Freezer Bag



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