Friday, September 23, 2011

Working on My Time Management

My life has changed dramatically over the last 3 weeks. After a 6 year hiatus, I have gone back to work at our small business four mornings a week. I have worked behind the scenes all along from home, but now I am back in the office. For 6 years, my kids have dictated my schedule and now I am juggling working part time outside of the home, shuttling my kids to soccer practice, managing our home, spending quality time with my family, training for my first half-marathon in October, and finding time to work in my blog and other projects.

When managing my time, I am still a paper person, so when Mandi Ehman from Life...Your Way, let me review her package of more than 150 printables, I took her up on the opportunity. The collection of printables -- with new ones added each month -- are available to readers FREE on the Life...Your Way website, but Mandi also offers a convenient download pack for $7.

This pack includes all of the printables in one file, organized by category, as well as monthly emails with new printables.

Some examples of the printables, include a weekly action planner, goals worksheet, daily action planner, daily to-do list, cleaning checklists, menu planning pages, room planner pages to help you with redecorating rooms, information page for the babysitter, blank 2011 and 2012 monthly calendar pages and many, many more pages. I have already started to use the blank calendar pages to track my running workouts and I'll probably use them for monthly menu planning too.

Again, these printables are all available individually free on the Life...Your Way website or you can buy the convenient download pack of over 150 printables for $7, where they are organized by category, as well as monthly emails with the new printables. Click here to view more details

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  1. Good morning! I just wanted you to know you have a broken link on, "a convenient download pack for $7"

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Queen of the House! I appreciate it!

  3. Even not having a full time job, I hugely benefit from time management. I do it all on my iPod Touch. It syncs with my Google calendar, and also displays my husband's calendar. So we both know what the other is up to and when. It helps so much to be organized!


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