Saturday, January 14, 2012

PA Farm Show Fun | Keeping It Real

I'm Keeping It Real every Saturday with a few snapshots from my week.

Every January, Harrisburg, PA hosts the Pennsylvania Farm Show, the largest indoor agricultural expo in the country, and we only live 10 minutes from the event. According to its website, there are 6000 animals, 10,000 competitive exhibits, 290 commercial exhibits, 400,000 visitors, and really amazing milkshakes.

It is quite the event that showcases "the good work being done on the farm, in the field, in the home and in the classroom, bridging the gap between "farm gate and dinner plate." (

We go every year, since it is so close to our home. The entrance is free, but it can cost up to $10 to park. Fortunately, this year we found a free parking spot that was within walking distance to the show.

I love walking through the dairy and cattle exhibit, although my kids thought it was pretty stinky.

What are they thinking about??

The butter sculpture is a big attraction.

We watched the high school girls' rodeo, although we arrived a little late and ended up at the very top.

Fun times in PA.

Do you live in PA? Are you or did you go to the PA Farm Show?

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  1. We went to the Farm Show on Saturday and it was sooooo crowded! We go just about every year and the kids LOVE it. Next year I think we will stick to a week night. I must agree that the milkshakes are AMAZING. Love the blog and good to know that you are a fellow Pennsylvanian! (Or maybe a transplant like me!)


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