Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shop Your Freezer and Pantry | Kitchen Economics

The next time you make your menu plan and grocery list, instead of glancing through the sales circulars for ideas, challenge yourself to see what's lurking in your freezer and pantry. While you're at it, make a list of what you have on hand and try to eat through the list.

I found a few things in my freezer that really need to be used up before freezer burn sets in, so my menu this week will be determined by my quick inventory. I also realized that I have plenty of food to get us through the week without a major trip to the store.

Some meal ideas that I have planned:
Besides a small trip to the store to pick up milk, fresh fruit, and vegetables, this should be a light week for the grocery budget.

I am making one note to myself--figure out what to do with ham hocks?? My mother gave those to me a while ago and I have no idea what I should do with them, but I think they are good for soup. I need to do some research. Do you know what to do with ham hocks??

Have you shopped your freezer and pantry lately? What did you find?

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  1. I use ham hocks to flavor beans or bean soup. They're delicious!

    1. Or split pea soup. Or just in a pan with a bit of water and seasonings like neck bones. That's how I was taught to make them.

  2. Split pea soup or just cook them in a pot of water with seasonings like you would neck bones. Can you tell I grew up down south.

  3. I'm doing just that this week too. I even have a ham bone to use up. See my post here:
    I'm using up most of what is in there and will move on the the refrigerator freezer in the garage. I want to use up what needs to be used up before it goes bad. I hate wasting food now.

  4. I use ham hocks when making minestrone. It gives the perfect smokey flavor I love!


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