Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to Clean a Glass Stove Top

Do you have a glass stove top? If you do, then you are probably familiar with the black marks.

I clean the stove top as soon as the heating element has cooled down after every use. For some reason the black marks still appear, like the one on the front right burner. They drive me crazy, because they can't be removed with just soap and water. But I have discovered a trick to remove those pesky black marks and you probably have the ingredients already in your kitchen--no need to buy a special cleaner.

To clean your glass top, make a paste with equal parts baking soda and white vinegar. Use a non-scratch scrubbing pads to scrub and the black marks will be gone in seconds.

For caked on food particles, I use a scraper especially made for glass top surfaces. I think we bought it at the same store when we bought our stove. 

It's that easy!

Do you have a glass stove top? How do you keep it clean?  Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I always use the "Scrunge" made by vileda. Rough side cleans the baked on black stuff and the soft side leaves it streak free. No paste, no scraping and made just for ceran/glass top stoves. Cheap, easy and no mess!

  2. thus far, I've been using the special cleaner that came w/ the stove, but I was wondering if baking soda/vinegar would work. thanks for sharing!

  3. I use Barkeeper's Friend and my all-purpose cleaner, which is a mixture of dish soap, vinegar and water.

  4. Hi! I just tried the baking soda/vinegar now- and it did clean most of the marks off of the stove. Great tip! Thank you :)

  5. I use Barkeepers Friend! Bought it at Lowes for just 1.98 and it works great on my glass stove top!!!!

  6. I too use the Vileda Scrunge but they are expensive and don't last very long so I'm looking for something more cost effective.


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