Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Clean Your Kitchen (Printable Checklist Included)

Welcome to Spring Cleaning Week. Today's task--the kitchen.

Meet my kitchen:

On a typical day the counters are cluttered with breakfast dishes or after-school snack dishes, clean dishes waiting for someone to put away, the newspaper, the kids' school work, and so much more. In a perfect world, my counters would remain clutter-free at all times, but that's not the world I live in. I like to think that my kitchen always looks 'lived in'.

So the counters are usually a bit cluttered, but I sweep the floor daily and I mop it once a week (more if my youngest daughter drops a brand new 32 oz container of organic yogurt that she tried to get for herself). It's amazing how far that stuff can splatter. I also make sure the sink is clean before I go to bed...thank you Fly Lady!

I don't usually clean this thoroughly on a regular basis. I'm a clean as needed kind of gal. But on this particular day, I declared it spring cleaning day for the kitchen. Here was my to-do list:
  • Remove everything from counters and open shelves and wipe down. Put anything away that isn’t meant to be on the counter.
  • Clean knickknacks. Purge if possible.
  • Wipe all cabinet doors.
  • Wipe all baseboards and moldings.
  • Wipe down appliances.
  • Clean inside of microwave.
  • Clean inside and outside of refrigerator.
  • Wash windows, inside and outside. I used my window cleaner that costs pennies.
  • Organize the pantry.
  • Organize the spices and purge any that are outdated.
  • Shake and wash the rug.
  • Scrub inside and outside of trash can.

Doesn't it look much better? It feels much better.

I have decided that as long as my kids bring home artwork from school, my refrigerator door will always be their showcase. It makes me smile every time I open the door.

Have you spring cleaned your kitchen yet? Print a checklist for Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen.

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