Thursday, June 14, 2012

What Are Your Favorite Organizational Tools?

Today, I'm answering a question posed to me by BlogHer's Life Well Lived Campaign, "what are your best resources to help you get organized?"

Wife. Mother. Small Business Owner. Blogger. Runner. Wannabe Chef.

These are things that dictate my time and schedule. Some people (okay, my husband) might say that I'm old school when it comes to organizational tools, but when it comes to organizing my life I still prefer some rather archaic tools: paper and pen.

I still use a paper planner:

I use a paper monthly to-do list to keep myself on task:

And I use binders to keep it all in check.

But I'm married to a tech geek who gave up paper years ago, so I have acquiesced to a few tech products. I admit that I'm madly in love with my iPhone, iGoogle, and Evernote. While I doubt I'll ever give up my paper, I also see the value in technology. And the combination of paper and tech works well for me.

What are your best resources to help you get organized? Let us know in the comments.

Also, hop on over to BlogHer to read 35 Resources to Help You Get Organized. While you are there, enter the current Life Well Lived Moments Sweepstakes for a chance to win an iPod Touch.

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  1. I still use paper myself though I love my Droid phone, Evernote, and Google Docs. I need to have my daily lists of routine and nonroutine items sitting on my kitchen counter. I also use a paper calendar for the family.

    For finances, I use a combination of paper and tech. I track everything in Quicken and use the websites of each financial institution. However, I still keep a weekly running total of what we have saved in each budget category on a piece of paper in a notebook.

    As a visual person, I'm never going to get away from paper, though I'm trying to reduce my paper usage to the essentials.


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