Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall Routine

My family had an busy summer filled with the beach, the zoo, the pool, and a flurry of other activities.

But like all good things, summer 2012 has come to an end and luckily, my kids were excited to see it go. My oldest entered 1st grade last week at a new school and she was very anxious to ride the bus for the first time, meet new friends and her new teacher. She is so excited that my former grump-a-lump, I-hate-mornings daughter wakes up to a 7am alarm, gets dressed, brushes her hair, makes her bed, eats breakfast, and brushes her teeth without any nagging. Although today is only day 6 of the school year, so let's hope the new attitude continues onward.

While we love summer, we really look forward to fall. Three of us celebrate our birthdays and my husband and I celebrate our anniversary. And who doesn't love apples, pumpkins, and football? ok, football might be debatable.

But I am most excited about the new routine that THIS fall is bringing me.

My youngest will be in Montessori pre-K Tuesday thru Thursday from 8:30 to 3pm, so I now have 3 days where I can devote more time to our small business and hopefully some dedicated hours to my blog. Her schedule also leaves me Monday and Friday to spend with her, run errands, shuttle her to some activities, exercise, and catch up on housework.

I am craving structure after a loose summer. I want to make the most of our new schedule and be as efficient as I can during the week, so our weekends are free to relax.

How did your family's routine change this fall? Let us know how you are handling it in the comments.

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