Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm Doing a Pantry Challenge in February

In an effort to find some extra money to fund our Christmas Savings Account, I'm doing a pantry challenge in February. My goal is to plan February's menu around what is currently in my pantry and freezer and fill in any needs at the store, but reduce my overall monthly grocery expenses.

I took an inventory of my freezer tonight and I started plotting our meals for the month. I usually plan my menu once a week, but I have almost 3 weeks of meals planned so far for February with what is currently in my freezer. Our schedule might change slightly, but I have enough meals planned that I can make some minor adjustments and avoid any last minute calls for take-out.

My goal is to reduce our grocery bill by $200. I'll be posting my progress through out the month.

Have you ever done a pantry challenge? Was it a success for you?

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  1. I've never done a pantry challenge. I don't ever have much of a stock pile. Sounds like it will be interesting. Can't wait to see your results.


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