Saturday, July 20, 2013

Join Home Depot Garden Club - Over $300 in Annual Savings

It's more than half-way through July, and by now, you may not want to think about all those summer-maintenance and home-improvement activities, but Home Depot is your one-stop shop for most everything you'll need for the home and garden. When you join the Home Depot Garden Club you will receive email newsletters that deliver more than $300 in savings during the year.

And, even without the great savings, those emails are packed with useful tips and information. The most recent email (from 7/17) featured Midsummer Makeovers, with Container Gardens Made Simple and Martha's Bright Ideas: From Gutter to Garden.

In these informative and timely email newsletters, you'll regularly find:
  • Project ideas
  • Monthly to-do lists
  • Expert Advice

To sign up for the newsletter, just click the Garden Club banner at the top of this post.

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