Thursday, August 29, 2013

A New Fall Routine | Week 2 of 10 Weeks to a Half Marathon

My girls headed back to school this week and with that my morning routine has changed too. All summer, after my 6 am run I would come home to a quiet house.  I had about 1-2 hours before the kids would get up. I enjoyed a cup of coffee, ate my breakfast, checked my emails, and planned my day in peace and quiet.

 But no more.

At 7 AM when I'm walking in the house after my run, the girls' alarm is ringing. As the morning reality overcomes my girls, I'm hopping in the shower to get ready for work. They're pleading for an additional 10 minutes of sleep or arguing over who gets to wear the purple headband.

At 8:10 we're running for the bus stop and my coffee is now enjoyed from my to-go cup in my car on the way to the office.

Our new fall routine has begun.

10 Weeks to a Half Marathon

Join me as I journal my training for my fifth half marathon, the Runner's World Half in Bethlehem, PA. This will be the second time I've blogged about my 10 week training--the first time was this past spring as I trained for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. I achieved my goal of a sub 2 hour time in Pittsburgh and you can read all about it here, Race Day Success.

My Week 2 Workouts:

  • Monday: 3 mile run outside, easy pace
  • Wednesday: 4 mile run outside, easy pace
  • Thursday: 3 mile run outside, easy pace
  • Friday: 1 hour of yoga at the YMCA
  • Saturday: 5 mile run outside, run at conversational pace

My Training Plan for upcoming week 3:

  • Monday: 3 mile run, easy pace
  • Wednesday: 4 mile run, easy pace
  • Thursday: 3 mile run, easy pace
  • Friday: 1 hour of yoga at the YMCA
  • Saturday: 6 mile run, run at conversational pace

Are you training for a race? Has your training changed now that the kids are back to school? Tell us about it in the comments.

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  1. I fell into running/walking at 6 am during the summer, and found I liked it. I'm a bit worried about the fall. The key is making sure my teenager is NOT in the bathroom when I get back from running.

    I'm not training yet since I'm still working back up to a 3 mile run.

  2. Ok girls so I am new to running and have been trying to train for a 5 k next weekend
    And am finding it extremely difficult .At this point my goal is to finish in 45 minutes. I can now walk the distance without trouble and am trying to "jog" 1/4 mile of each mile
    Ps I am 57 years old and began working out with a trainer in April of this year
    Any help or suggestions you can offer

  3. Barbara - my best advice is to go to Runner's World magazine's website:

    They will have a lot of information for the newbie runner. Also, talk to your trainer, maybe they have some advice. You could also look for a road runners club in your area.

    Good luck!


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