Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Financial To-Do list - What's on your list?

I am a list maker. As I sit at my desk I am looking at 4 different lists, no, make that 5, I see another brightly colored post-it. I love brightly colored, lined post-its. I am also a collector of notepads. I have tons of them...

Seriously, I have several very important things on my master to-do list. Items that directly and indirectly affect our FamilyBalanceSheet. For some reason I have been procrastinating on these items. So in the spirit of blogging and making myself accountable, I am posting my list. Strangely this list looks a little familiar, oh wait a minute, some of these items are on my 2009 goal list. I haven't looked at that list since January, when I wrote it. This time I am taping it to my wall over my desk. Maybe that will inspire me to tackle it.

  1. We must,must,must put together a will. I am ashamed that we have not done so. I bought Suze Orman's Will and Trust program over a year ago and I have not finished it. This is really irresponsible of me and I need to get this done!!

  2. Finalize the asset allocation for our retirement plans. I am shifting our retirement accounts from actively managed funds to index funds. I will elaborate at a later time.

  3. Update our house to-do list. We have many small and large, urgent and non-urgent things to do around our house. We need to prioritize the list and make projections on how much money we will need.

  4. Increase our monthly payment towards my husband's student loan. This really is our 800 lb gorilla. Thank goodness the interest is only 2.75%, but the principle is about the size of our mortgage. It seems like it will never go away.

  5. Start college funds for the girls. As former swimmers, we are hoping they will be awarded scholarships. They're only 3.5 and 14 months, so we have awhile until we know their full potential, but can't a parent dream.

  6. Increase our emergency savings. We have had to use some of our savings over the past few months when our business turned slightly soft. We are working hard to turn the biz around, hence my husband's near breakdown. One of the smartest things we did many years ago was properly fund an emergency savings account. It has been a life-saver and now I need to build it back up.

I have my list posted and now I need to devise an action plan. Details to come...

What's on you financial to-do list? How do you get motivated to cross some items off of your list?

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