Monday, August 31, 2009

Zucchini burn-out? The key is variety.

I don't even grow zucchini, we get a lot through our CSA, so I can't imagine how much a home gardener harvests. I try to use it all without overloading my family with stir-fry dishes, like I did a few years ago, when my husband finally said to me, "Please no more zucchini stir-fries".

I bake, saute, grill and quite honestly I'm ready for the end of zucchini season.

I baked two batches of Zucchini basil muffins last week to stick in the freezer. I found the recipe last year at Get Rich Slowly. I use parsley instead of the basil because that is what I have in my garden. These muffins are tasty and will be good in the fall when I start making more soups and chilis.

I don't think a zucchini recipe can get any easier than the Farmers Market squash saute from Kraft. Again, I use parsley instead of the basil, because that is what I grow. I don't know why I have trouble growing basil, it always goes to seed right away for me.

I also make Zucchini Oven chips from Cooking Light magazine. They also are easy to make.

Have you tried my Garden Fresh Frittata and the Chocolate chip zucchini muffins that I wrote about a few weeks ago? I made another batch of the muffins for my freezer this week.

Have you gone through zucchini burn-out yet, or are you still enjoying the season? I promise this is my last zucchini post...until next summer :)

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