Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Goodbye Summer, Hello Routine.

My family had a wonderful summer filled with trips to the pool, picnics, playdates, the beach, bubbles, ice cream, fresh garden food and for me and my husband - an occasional Corona light with lime on our back patio once the kids were in bed. My kids stayed up late and slept in. They were filthy by bedtime so the only routine to our day was a bubble bath at the end of it.

I completely abandoned any type of routine this summer. I had built one during the last school year because my daughter was in preschool 2 times a week. Those two precious mornings kept me somewhat sane. I would drop her off and rush home to get my baby down for her morning nap. I took that time to do chores, computer work, office work, etc. I felt productive.

Then summer hit and the sun was calling us outdoors. I tried to establish a routine, but usually I let the summer weather plan out our day. If it was sunny, I was hanging laundry, brewing sun tea and greasing the kids up with sunscreen. The kids headed out the door to ride bikes, swing or splash in the sprinkler.

It really was a great summer, but now my oldest starts preschool 3 times a week after Labor day and to be honest I am looking forward to a little more structure. Our Family Balance Sheet was probably a little lonely this summer. Our bills were paid on time, but I got away from my usual analysis and planning. My house will hopefully look more organized and clean. It's not that I was lazy this summer, but my priorities shifted. I wanted my kids to have a really fun summer and by the end of the day I was spent. After the kids were in bed and my Corona was gone, I was exhausted. To tired and uninterested to face any type of computer or household project.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall.
Fall is a big season for my family: 3 birthdays and our wedding anniversary. We love to go to apple festivals, orchards, and pumpkin patches. My oldest daughter is very excited about starting preschool again. I am very excited to have a routine again.

How was your summer? Did your routine go by the wayside? Are you looking forward to Fall?

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