Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The $500 Challenge - The Final Tally and Link-Up

It is time to add up our money and see how close we came to finding $500. I started this challenge because I wanted to find $500 in spending money for our family's summer vacation. I didn't want to dig into our savings and charging our vacation on a credit card isn't an option.

So how did I do?
  • $180.00 - Yard Sale
  • $85.00 Change jar
  • $50.00 Visa Card Rebate for switching to a new electric company with a better rate. Read here for more information on the electric rate increase that took place in PA.
  • I was hoping once I reviewed our April spending that we would have come in under budget, but our spending in April was right on budget, almost to the dollar. I guess I could be happy that we didn't over-spend, but honestly, I didn't concentrate on reducing our spending in April as much as I should have. I proved to myself back in January that when we put our minds to it, we, as a family, can reduce our overall monthly spending, but that didn't happen in April.

So, our total came in at $315. I am $185 short of my goal, but I am not going to beat myself up. The yard sale took a lot of my time in the beginning of the month and I was happy that we were able to make $180 AND get rid of a lot of stuff. I will just have to concentrate between now and our vacation to find the difference.

How did you do? I can't wait to read all about your challenge. I want to thank all of you who participated in the challenge. It was interesting to read about everyone's progress, set-backs and successes.

If you are a blogger participating in the challenge and making updates on your site about your progress, please link up your final update with Mr. Linky. If you are not a blogger and are participating in the challenge, please let us know how you are doing in the comment section.

Make sure you take some time to check back over the next few days and visit the other links to see how the other bloggers are doing with their challenge. This is a great opportunity to find/meet/support other bloggers and get some ideas on how to find $500!

A few Mr. Linky guidelines:
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  1. Hi fbs, thank you for starting this challenge, it really kicked me into action :-)

    My totals are up on my blog. I made £375.89/$565 so I'm really pleased.


  2. Thank you for hosting the challenge. I was a real eye opener and I am going to try again in June.

  3. No More Spending and Michele ~ Thanks for participating with the challenge.

  4. Thanks! I was able to meet/exceed the goal. I might try again in a couple of months. Just think how it would feel to be able to do this a few times a year! =)

  5. HI I am looking for ways to make extra money too. I need to work harder on that.

  6. ah, I forgot to link up yesterday. But I surpassed the goal! yay!! :)

  7. I have had some good luck selling on Craigslist. I use my "found" money for the holidays. I have sold $470 since late December 2009, and still have 7 months to go before Christmas!

    It is nice to have the money now, so if I find a good deal, I can get it now and put it away for later.




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