Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Revitalize Dried Out Baby Carrots | Kitchen Economics Link Up

My kids love baby carrots with dressing as a snack, so I buy them often when they are on sale. I had forgotten about a bag and a half in the fridge and when I found them, they were dried out and just not that appetizing for any of us. The thought of throwing away and wasting those carrots drove me crazy, so...

I pulled out my handy food processor and zipped the carrots through the small shredder blade.

I put the shredded carrots in a freezer bag and in the freezer for future use. (Once in the freezer, I lay the bag flat and spread out the carrots.) When you are making soups, chilies, and casseroles, just break off what you need. They come in handy for my Turkey Veggie Meatloaf, Vegetable Lasagna with Eggplant, Zucchini and Carrots, Baked Turkey, Macaroni and Cheese.

I have also done this with green and red peppers. If I don't think we will use the peppers before they go bad, I'll clean them, chop them up and put them in a freezer bag for future soups and casseroles.

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  1. I sometimes chop of onions and do the same thing... freeze it... much less expensive than buying prechopped in the freezer.

    For carrots, when they get to that stage, I will put them into a bowl of ice water. It wakes them up and my girls are never the wiser, especially my picky one. :0)


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