Wednesday, June 15, 2011

25 lbs of FREE Flour and Why You Should Always Pay Attention at The Check-Out

I learned a very valuable lesson at the grocery store yesterday.

I had flour on my shopping list. I blew through the ..99/5 lb flour that I stocked up on at Christmas time and I haven't been able to buy it at that price ever since. As I was about to pick up a 5 lb sack of flour yesterday (at regular price), I noticed that the 25 lb bags were being discontinued and the price per pound was .314, not the .198 from Christmas, but way better than what the 5 lb bags are priced at currently.

But where was I going to store 25 lbs of flour? All I could think of was my husband rolling his eyes when he sees this crazy bag. I stored the 5 lb sacks that I bought in December in the freezer and that worked out well, but I would need some kind of container for this 25 lb bag to keep it in the freezer.

I then remembered some of the comments from back in December and a reader told me to go to the bakery dept of the grocery store and ask for a food grade container that they might be throwing away.

The bakery dept gladly gave me this frosting container and even offered me more. Problem solved.

So where does the lesson come in? I proceeded to check out and I just happened to notice the price of the flour scanned at $8.49, not the $7.85 that was listed on the shelf. I told the cashier and the friendly kid bagging my groceries offered to go check the price for us. He came back and confirmed the $7.85. I assumed the cashier would just give me the $7.85, but she called her manager and the manager gave me the flour for FREE. Apparently, their policy is your item is free if the scanned price doesn't match the sale price.

I thanked the manager, the cashier and the bagger and off I went with my crazy bag of FREE flour.

When I got home, I cleaned my free container and poured in the flour and filled up my pantry flour container. I won't lie to you that there wasn't a minor mess. I rearranged my freezer and the new container fit right in. Although, it is probably a good thing that I haven't started to freeze any of my garden harvest yet.

So the moral of this story is to pay attention as your food is being scanned at the grocery store. If I would have waited to look at the receipt when I got home, I never would have gone back to the store for a .64 correction, but because I noticed it at the store, I got it for FREE...along with my container to store it in.

Does you grocery store have this policy? Have you ever found a mistake and gotten the food for free?

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  1. I wish ours had this policy. We also shop at Giant PA (York) and they do not have this policy-they will adjust the price and have gladly done so on many occasions. Our Weis stores here do have that policy but I prefer Giant for many reasons:) Way to go on the free flour-excellent catch!

  2. It does. One item only per person. If a store item scans more then the item on the shelf listed price or circular you receive that item free up to 10.00$

  3. our state,MI, recently decided that item price tags are no longer important... Leaving the customers to note the shelf tag (and ad prices) and to argue prices with the poor cashiers (or customer service). My lists are often getting smaller.

  4. Unfortunately, no. They will of course refund you the difference but not give you the item for free.

  5. Way to go on paying attention to that! The way you approached it was so respectful, and you were rewarded for that(along with the policy!). I never knew the tip about asking at the store for a container. I will keep that trick in the back of my mind. Thank you!

  6. Way to go!!!!

    I snatch as many of those buckets as I can. I store sugars, flours (plain and self rising), cornmeal, oats, wheat, beans, popcorn, etc in them.

    Love buying in bulk!!!

  7. I bought bread once (at regular price) and it scanned for .50 higher. The manager told me tough, it was .50 higher!

    I buy my flour in 25 pound bags all the time!

    I have several buckets like that for storing food. I have one for sugar, flour, oats, popcorn (we get the 50 pound bags), black beans, pinto beans, rice, etc. You can see pictures of them in my pantry. It saves me a lot of money, and it's not messy when I'm baking or canning, because I just unscrew the lids (I have screw-off lids on mine).

  8. Prudent Homemaker - Your site is gorgeous and so inspiring.

    Thanks everyone for reading and commenting.


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