Friday, August 19, 2011

Print Free Disney Greeting Cards

Disney characters rule at our house; my girls love the princess and Mickey characters. They are also starting to get invited to more birthday parties and those costs are adding up.
One day, my oldest and I were playing around on the Disney website and I found a treasure trove of FREE ideas. Printable coloring pages, videos, music, games, but I was most impressed by their selection of printable greeting cards.
You can print a card for almost any of the Disney characters, like Nemo, Mickey, every Princess, Pooh, The Incredibles, The Lion King, Toy Story and many more.
The greetings to choose from are Happy Birthday, I Miss You, Congratulations, I Love You, Get Well Soon, You Are The Best, Thank You and Have a Great Day.
It is very easy. The pages print out like this.

Simply fold along the lines and trim.
Your only cost is the ink and paper and that is no where near the estimated $3.00 that a Disney card from a store can cost. It also saves you time from making a special trip to the store. Go to to print your own card.

Do you print or make your own greeting cards? What sites do you use?
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