Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vertical Gardening Update: SUCCESS

We got home from our vacation just in time as these two lovelies ripened over the weekend. We enjoyed one with dinner last night and we will have the other tonight. The first one was tender and sweet and I suspect the second will be just as good.

It seems like yesterday that I built my vertical trellis, but in reality it was back in May. I planted two cantaloupe plants back then and so far I have gotten 5 melons. There are a few more on the vines, but they are still small and I'm hoping we have enough hot days left for them to continue to grow. I think I paid about $3 dollars for each plant, so that comes to $1.20 a melon at the moment, vs. paying about $2.50 for a store bought melon.

One lesson learned is that if the melons ripened too much on the trellis, they will eventually fall off the vine. Thankfully, I found them in time before some critter got to it.

I spent $20 on the trellis, so it might be another year or so before it pays for itself, but I am so glad I built it. It kept the plants contained and prevented them from growing all over my yard. I definitely consider this experiment a success.

Did you grow vertically this summer? How is your garden doing? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Congratulations on your delicious looking melons! I have never had success growing melons, but then I've not tried doing so vertically. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I grew my cantaloupes on a trellis this year too- have gotten 3 so far, one more left to ripen on the vine! They do seem to drop fast once they turn the beige-ish ripe color!

  3. This is my first year growing cantaloupe, I have 8 plants and have harvested 6 melons...with 5 more ripening in the next week and 5 softball-sized ones that *might* ripen if the MI weather cooperates. I accidently trellised them; they grew up & out on the 3' rabbit fencing, then up our 6' privacy fence. Next year I will trellis them intentionally. I have seen blogs where the trellised fruit are tied up with discarded pantyhose, to prevent them from falling. Maybe you could try that?!?


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