Thursday, August 25, 2011

Water Conservation FAIL

I have been trying really hard to conserve water this summer, but I had a major fail recently.

One afternoon a few weeks ago, I let the girls play outside with the hose. They like to place a baby pool at the bottom of their slide and fill it with water, in effect creating a water slide. They have a blast. When they were done I just assumed that they turned the water off. BIG mistake.

Around 6 AM the next morning, I was standing in the kitchen and I heard a weird noise, like something was running. OH RATS! The outside faucet is below the kitchen window, and since it was 6 AM and the house was very quiet, I could hear the water running. I ran outside to the swing set and sure enough, the hose was left on. I had taken the nozzle off the hose for the girls to make a water slide and now water was gushing out and flooding the yard. It was probably running for at least 15 hours.

I was angry at myself for not checking to make sure the girls turned off the water. I had a feeling I was going to see a big spike in my water bill. It came in yesterday's mail and it was $20 above average.

I decided that I needed to put things in perspective. From now on, I will check the hose after the kids are done playing outside, but $20 isn't going to break us and my kids definitely enjoyed that hot summer day.

This is a picture from last summer. It makes me sad to see at how much my kids have grown over the past year.

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  1. Playing in the sprinkler is so much fun for kids! Think of it as $20 towards your Entertainment for the month! I'm glad you heard the water running when you did and were able to turn it off sooner than later.


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