Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tackle that Tough Spot: Above the Refrigerator

Have you looked on top of your refrigerator lately?

Go ahead, don't be afraid, take a look.

I'm tall, so that might be one reason the top of the refrigerator becomes a dumping ground. It is also a spot that little hands can't get to, so I'll use that as an excuse too.

So, I tackled it. I gave borrowed DVDs back to their rightful owner. I found a new (out of sight) home for the big supplement containers. And tools were sent back to the tool box. My kitchen feels so much lighter now.

What does the top of your refrigerator look like? Go tackle it!

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  1. Ours actually stays relatively clean. We have a tray and some placemats that we use when we eat outdoors but those are pretty small so you don't really even see them unless you're tall. It helps that I have a task list for regular to-do items around the house and one of them is to wipe down the top of the fridge every month.

  2. Good job. There is also a decorative cloth organizer designed to fit refrigerators. It allows you to put the bills and other stuff on both sides.


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