Saturday, October 27, 2012

I'm Preparing for Hurrincane Sandy

In case you haven't heard, there's a behemoth storm headed to the east coast. Unfortunately, my family and I are among the millions of east coast residents that live in its path.

Now you know meteorologists have been wrong before and generally, I'm not an alarmist as my husband reminded me of earlier today, but what if they're right this time. We are fortunate that we don't live in a flood zone, but the news keeps talking about the possibility of vast power outages for up to several days, even after the storm is over. And that is what makes me nervous.

So, I spent the afternoon getting some things organized just in case Sandy becomes the superstorm that is predicted.

First, I put a call out on the FBS Facebook page for ideas on the food that I should stock up on in case we lose power. I received  a lot of ideas and I headed out to the store for bread, canned tuna and chicken, apples, and breakfast bars. I already have plenty of snacks, peanut butter, and nuts.

Next, I filled up all of my pitchers with water from our reverse osmosis system for drinking.

I also filled up plastic containers with water and placed in both of my freezers to make ice. If we have a lengthy power outage, I'm at risk to lose a lot of food, so hopefully by filling my freezer with ice, I'll avoid the food thawing out and spoiling.

Fortunately I haven't emptied the rain barrel for the winter yet, so we'll use that water to flow the toilets if needed.

Even though my husband thinks I might be taking this all a bit overboard, he did pull together all of our flashlights and checked for batteries. He also took down the umbrellas and cleaned up the back patio.

If we find ourselves without electric after the storm ends, we do have our gas grill with a full extra canister to cook food.

My to-do list for Sunday before the storm begins includes laundry, baking, cleaning out the refrigerator, filling the cars up with gas, checking on our neighbors, and praying that Sandy turns back out to the Atlantic.

Are you in Hurricane Sandy's path? How are you preparing? Do you have any tips for emergency preparations? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Fill your bathtub with water. To flush toilets and wash dishes, etc.

  2. Praying for safety for you and everyone else!! I know we don't always like for the weathermen to be wrong but this is one time I am sure that many wouldn't mind at all!!
    Charlotte J

  3. We live on the shores of Lake Erie and have flood warnings for tonight...I am definitely getting ready for a long week!! I hope things aren't bad for you all!!!

  4. Charge your generators so that you can see during night time and do not hurt yourself due to lack of electricity.


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