Wednesday, November 7, 2012

20 Stuffing Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Stuffing vs. dressing. Do you know the difference? Apparently, stuffing goes in the bird and dressing gets cooked in a baking dish. I call it all stuffing. When I hear dressing, I think of Kraft.

What's your preferred way to prepare stuffing (or dressing)? Prepared inside the bird or a separate dish? Some people have concerns about the safety of stuffing prepared inside the bird. I prefer it cooked in a baking dish far away from the bird. Although I have never turned down any stuffing especially if it's covered with homemade Turkey gravy. Honestly, I have never made stuffing and I have never stuffed a turkey with it, so I did a little research for you.

There are some guidelines when cooking stuffing inside the bird:
  1. Your stuffing ingredients should NOT be raw when placed inside the turkey. Your meat, vegetables, and egg ingredients need to be cooked beforehand.
  2. Stuff the bird with the cooked ingredients RIGHT BEFORE roasting. Do not try to save time and stuff the bird the night before roasting it as that allows dangerous bacteria to grow.
  3. Stuffing needs to reach 165 degrees to be done. If the turkey is done before the stuffing, remove stuffing and cook separately, so you don't over-cook the turkey.
  4. For more guidelines, check out the Butterball website or the Food Network.

20 Stuffing {or Dressing} Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

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