Friday, December 14, 2012

Enjoy the Christmas Lights {Day 12 of The 12 Days of Frugal Holiday Fun}

Day 12 of The 12 Days of Frugal Holiday Fun ~
Enjoy the Christmas Lights

200,000 Christmas Lights

(NOT my home.)

When I was a kid my parents would drive us to another town to look at the Christmas lights that one particular homeowner displayed. A long line of cars would stop and park along the road to get a good look at everything. There was music, flashing lights, moving reindeer, and a Santa climbing up the chimney. Every square inch of their lawn must have been covered with lights and it was magical to me and my brother.

What propels someone to decorate the outside of their home to such a level, I'll never know. But what I do know is that I love to look at Christmas lights every December. And I've passed on that love to my kids.

On one night close to Christmas we take a short drive to some neighborhoods to check out the outdoor lights. Also, when driving home at night, we take the round about way into our neighborhood to check out one street that has many homes lit up. My kids squeal in delight at the lights.

This past November, my husband came home one day with a blow up reindeer for the kids. I even posted it on Facebook. But I can assure you that we'll never be that house where people purposely drive by to look at the lights. We'll let that up to others.

Do you drive around to enjoy the Christmas lights? Let us know in the comments.

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