Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thrifty Finds: Brand Names, Dirt Cheap

I stopped by my two favorite thrift stores last week: Salvation Army & Community Aid, a local store. I only go on Wednesdays, because both stores offer an additional 50% off on almost everything.

I cleaned out our closets a couple of weekends ago and I found that we are in need of some spring & summer clothes. My oldest daughter has grown out of everything,  thankfully, I can pass them on to my younger daughter, so at least she is set for spring and summer.

Finally, spring has arrived in central PA, so I carved out some time last Wednesday to hit the thrift stores. And as always they did not disappoint.

By far the best find of the day was the pair of Keen shoes (in the above picture) for my oldest daughter.

Do used shoes gross you out? Me too, but these Keen's were in great condition and were only $2.50, so I bought the shoes and simply washed them in hot water in the washing machine when I got home. These shoes retail for $49.95.  No THANK YOU! I just can't justify that price for kids shoes; their feet grow like weeds.

Unfortunately, I didn't have much luck with finding any clothing for my daughter, but I did pretty well for myself. I found 2 pairs of shorts and a pair of brand new Gap denim capris. While I'm not brand loyal, there are brands that I like based on their quality and fit. So I was excited when I found Calvin Klein & Ralph Lauren shorts in like new condition. And they were $2 each after the 50% off sale.

I really liked the fit of the khaki Ralph Lauren shorts, so I was bummed when I noticed a missing button as I was trying them on.

Thankfully a spare was hidden inside the shorts. I'm no seamstress, but I can sew on a button.

My absolute favorite find for myself was an Athleta running skirt for $2. So mom made out well!

I also bought a Pyrex casserole dish with a lid. Unfortunately, it was excluded from the 50% off sale, but at $4.99, I bought it anyway. I rarely see Pyrex dishes WITH the lid. I love that I can avoid using aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

Do you shop at thrift stores? What great finds have you found lately? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Great finds! Yes, I do sometimes pop into thrift stores as you never know what you might find. One prize for me was a name brand fishing shirt for my husband, that would retail for at least $60. It was $4 - and he loves it.


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