Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cardboard Christmas Tree

We have tons of packing boxes piling up at the moment just waiting for garbage pick-up day. I did most of my Christmas shopping online and I am left with the aftermath. The idea for the Cardboard Christmas Tree using recycled packing boxes was in the latest issue of Disney Family Fun Magazine and it caught my eye because of the pileup in my garage. It also looked like a great craft project for the kids.

I helped quite a bit with this project. Cutting through the cardboard would have been too difficult for my 6 and 3 year olds, but the girls had fun painting and decorating their trees. I think they will make fine centerpieces for our Christmas brunch. And when the holidays are a memory, I'll send the trees along with the recycling truck. I'm not going to bother to store them. There will be boxes again next year now that I am a cyber shopping convert; no more lines for me.

Step 1: Draw a Christmas tree on a large piece of cardboard and cut it out. Our tree stands about 14 inches tall and is 14 inches wide at the bottom.

Step 2: On a separate piece of cardboard, trace a second tree using your first tree as a guide. Cut out the second tree.

Step 3: Cut a slit on one tree about 8 inches from the bottom. Cut a slit in the second tree about 8 inches from the top, so that the two trees can hook together when you are finished painting. (See below picture for reference.)

Step 4: Paint one side of each tree and allow to dry. Paint second side of each tree and allow to dry.

Step 5: Slide the tree with the bottom slit over top of the tree with the top slit. (See top picture for reference.)

Step 6: Decorate your tree. We used foam stickers that were in my craft closet, but you could use glitter, sequins, paint, or yarn.

What holiday crafts are your kids working on? Let us know in the comments.

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