Monday, May 28, 2012

Our New Waterpik Showerhead

My husband had a small honey-do list this past weekend.
  1. mow the lawn
  2. fix a towel bar in the bathroom
  3. install our new Waterpik showerhead

I received this Waterpik Medallion showerhead in the swagbag from Bloggy Boot Camp. It was totally unexpected and I am pretty excited about it.

This Waterpik is a handheld showerhead with 5 settings: full-body spray, powerspray, circular massage, mist, and water saver. The hand-held part made rinsing my girls' hair at bathtime so easy.

I love it. My kids love it. My husband...will learn to love it. He claims that he likes the old one better.

According to my husband, it was very easy to install. The hardest part was removing our old showerhead.

And don't worry, I had a honey-do list too this past weekend: the bathrooms needed cleaned. Which task would you rather do? I think he got off easy.

Thanks The SITS Girls and Waterpik for the sweet gift!

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